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YoyoFactory Speed Dial Yo-Yo Red/White

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Adjustable gap for variable response. Recommended for beginner to intermediate players.

YoyoFactory Speed Dial Yo-Yo Red/White

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Third version. Improved construction with a few more design tweaks to allow the speed dial to appeal to an even wider range of player. Full adjustability from full response to full smooth unresponsive play. To quote YoyoFactory, "the most solid and sturdy Speed Dials we have ever made."

Forged for the Future, the F.A.S.T.™ SpeedDial™ offers players ultimate in adjustability in the ultimate yo-yo! A metal hybrid yo-yo with new dial technology allows the user to simply make adjustments by turning the dial to suit their skill or style. Over 100 measured individual settings can be yours with the turn of a dial.

- The patented performance advantages of Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology™
- Composite construction giving the superior balance, weight, smooth spins of metal with the durability of plastic rims
- Superior manufacturing techniques
- The finest quality stainless steel long spin bearings

The F.A.S.T.™ SpeedDial™ has these features:

- Precision Aluminium body
-F.A.S.T.™ Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology™
- over 100 precision settings
-Stainless Steel Bearing Axle
-Take-apart design
-4 colors to choose from
- SpeedDial™ trick chart included

Recommended for beginner to intermediate players. The adjustable gap means that the repsonsiveness of this yo-yo can be set to be anything from tug responsive suited to new beginners to highly unresponsive (requiring a bind), for progressing players.

Additional Information

Manufacturer YoyoFactory
Yo-Yo Skill Level Beginner
Yo-Yo Shape Butterfly
Yo-Yo Play Style 1A/3A/5A String Tricks
Yo-Yo Colour Red
Features Adjustable
Material Plastic/Metal Hybrid
Origin USA
Made in China
Minimum age 12+ years
notes No