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Mikhail Tulabut has been a long time member of Team YoYoJam. He first made a name for himself under the alias Fiend X showcasing tricks that even today are some of the most stunning examples of modern yo-yo play. The Vigilante is his signature series yo-yo and is built to be as cutting edge and modern as Mikhail's tricks. Mikhail wanted to make sure the design of his signature yo-yo was a true example of what modern yo-yo technology looks like. The shape is undersized and classically curved yet angular on the rim for a really unique shape and one of the most distinctive metal-rimmed designs to come from YoYoJam. A truly evolved shape for the 21st century. Vigilante features YoYoJam's aircraft grade aluminium with their patented solid spin axle system and flush silicone response pads for perfect unresponsive play. Also includes the YoYoJam responsive beginner's bearing as well as the SPEED bearing to allow players to easily move from response beginner tricks to advanced unresponsive play. A prime example of classic design elements fused with modern aesthetics Vigilante is a sleek yo-yo that is destined to be a favourite in the YoYoJam lineup for years to come.

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