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YoyoJam Meteor Yoyo

Three time world champion Hiroyuki Suzuki also known as "Mickey" does it again with the Meteor! This all metal yo-yo is machined from high grade aluminum and has a hard coat anodization. Modeled after the Speeder this yo-yo is built for speed and stability giving exceptionally long spin times and smooth play. Mickey already used this yo-yo to win the 2008 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest and take 2nd place in the 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest. The yo-yo comes complete with laser engraved mirror caps for an exceptional look. These caps can also be removed to reveal further laser engraving on the body of the yo-yo.

Weight: 64 Grams
Response: Flat Silicone O-Ring
Gap: Fixed Gap
Bearing: Large YYJ Bearing

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