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YoYoJam Chaser - Hiroyuki Suzuki Signature Series YoYo. Yo-Yo play advances, tricks get harder, and today's yo-yo player demands a precisely built yo-yo to maximize on spin and stability. To meet that demand, YoYoJam and Hiroyuki Suzuki present the Chaser -- the true game changer in affordable plastic yo-yo design.\n\nThe Chaser is the newest of the signature series line for three-time World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki and the design is all about building a smooth and sleek yo-yo model for advanced play. The Chaser's shape is extremely angular and the inner shape features a concave curve that pulls the string to the center and reduces friction during the most complicated string tricks.\n\nWhat really makes this yo-yo an advanced player is the internal weight system from YoYoJam. First featured in the Legacy, this internal weight is further refined in the Chaser to maximize more on stability and rim weight. This design is what will take plastic yo-yos to the next level and make them a respected choice for the competition stage.\n\nBuilt on the durable Solid Spin axle system the Chaser features a Stainless Steel SPEED Bearing and Silicone Response for smooth unresponsive play out of the box.\n\nHiroyuki Suzuki and YoYoJam prove yet again that yo-yo design continues to evolve and that truly advanced play IS possible on plastic!

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