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Big Yo

Big Yo

Little did YoYoJam know that when this yo-yo was made it would be as popular as it is. Basically an over sized yo-yo, the Big Yo is the best playing yo-yo for its size. Great for demonstrations and performances. Not to mention with a gap this big it\'s hard to miss the string!

A note about YoyoJam Yo-yo colours and availability. When a colour sells out, we cannot say when or if we will be able to get more. This is because YoyoJam manufactures and sells each yo-yo model in batches (or 'runs') of a single colour. These yoyos are then sold to stores. Then they make a new colour and so on. A particular colour might only be made once. We do not know what colours YoyoJam will be making in the future. So if you like a particular colour, get it while it is in stock!

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