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Saber Raider

Saber Raider

Brand new boxed Yomega™ Saber Raider™ Yoyo

Yomega™ Saber Raider™...The Saber Raider has the same precision ball bearing axis as the Raider for long spins and high performance.

Yomega™ Saber Raider™... With a unique flared wing shape the Saber Raider easily catches the string. This shape allows the player to perform smooth string tricks and to master more intricate string trick maneuvers. Excellent for string tricks. See below for a profile photo of the Saber Raider showing the body shape.

Yomega™ Saber Raider™...Yomega Saber Raider is the choice for any progressing student of yo-yo play who wants to go all the way to pro level of play!

Yomega™ Saber Raider™...Yomega Saber Raider is recommended for intermediate to advanced level players.

Yomega™ Saber Raider™... made in USA

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