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Raider EX

Raider EX

Brand new boxed Yomega™ Raider EX™ Yoyo. Yomega's best looping yo-yo.

Yomega™ Raider EX™...The best looping yo-yo ever made just got better - its adjustable! Now you can make the gap of the Raider yoyo the size you need and find your own looping sweet spot. Designed with feedback from the worlds best 2A players, the EX (Extreme) lets you play wiht a pro's edge.

The long-awaited Yomega Raider EX yo-yo takes the supreme looping capabilities of the original Raider yo-yo (same shape, size, and bearing), but adds to it the flexibility of different sized spacers so that you can adjust the gap settings to fit your particular style! These spacers (included in the package) have been tested by some of the world's best loopers and are in widths that many of them the hundredth of an inch.

For loopers that like super-responsive play - use the RED spacers. To challenge yourself and do 1A tricks with the Raider - use the BLUE spacers. Here are the gap settings / spacer colors for your reference:

" Blue: .078" (Widest gap setting, least responsive)
" Green: .048"
" Yellow: .040"
" Purple: .036"
" Red: .032" (Thinnest gap setting, most responsive)

Note: Plastic spacers work, but are not recommended with this yo-yo, as tested by Yomega. Also note that the axle is different from the original Yomega Raider yo-yo.

Now comes supplied with the Yomega Mania Yo-yo DVD!

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