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Power Brain XP Wing

Power Brain XP Wing

Yomega™ Power Brain™ XP Wing ...A winged version of the XP yoyo. The Power Brain XP Wing is designed for easy string trick play. This yoyo also comes with our new smart switch which allows a player to "switch" the auto-return clutch on or off, depending on skill level. Two levels of play in one super advanced yo-yo. The secret is the patented Yomega Smart Switch™ that turns the clutch system on when you want auto-return features and off when your looking to switch to longer spin times and string tricks. Flip the Smart Switch to one setting and you have an auto-return yo-yo. Flip the Smart Switch to a different setting and it's a manual return yo-yo. It really is like having two yo-yos in one!

Axle type: transaxle

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