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Triple Action

Triple Action

The Triple Action yoyo takes you from beginner to Pro level with a simple switch of the control wheel. The first multifunctional yo-yo that combines:

- FIXED AXLE permanently engaged clutch. Classic yoyo setup ideal for beginners as well as ideal for learning loop the loop tricks. The yoyo ALWAYS comes back.

- AUTO RETURN Triple clutch system for smooth auto returns. Perfect for learning how to throw a sleeper and to learn the basic tricks. The yoyo returns automatically.

- FREE SPIN Clutch system deactivated for unlimited spin times. Full control for advanced players performing extended string tricks and complex routines.

All in one elegant, ergonomically enhanced butterfly design. Easily switch from beginner to pro-functionality!

Free CD!

CD 1.

Each yo-yo comes with a free interactive learning CD-ROM with step by step instructions to the Art of yo-yo, performed by European champion Jan Schmutz. 3-step learning programme showing the basics, advanced and pro yo-yo tricks.

Note from Pete (owner, this CD is actually VERY good indeed and would be a great place to start learning yoyo tricks. It has lots of good quality video showing loads of tricks, some in slow motion and with close-ups. This is an ideal yoyo package for the beginner.

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