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Takeshi recessed Higby Freehand Zero

Takeshi recessed Higby Freehand Zero

Take some new clear Duncan Freehand Zeros, have them recessed by Takeshi, and then let John Higby hand paint his superb designs on each one. The result: unique individual yo-yos with a sweet-playing Takeshi recessed silicone response system!

Takeshi's new Silicone mod: Takeshi puts recesses on both sides of the yoyo and fills each with a silicone material. John then handpaints each clear yo-yo body and side caps like a window. Each yo-yo is a unique work of art!

To quote John Higby, "..Duncan has been gooping up the bearings, so the yo-yos play really responsive and they don't spin a long time. Tell your customers to clean or change the bearing and then it will play un-responsive but a TIGHT bind with the silicone response. They play WICKED!"
He also said "The silicone lasts forever as well so you don't have to change the friction pads. This is a good yo-yo to have in a bombshelter." My thanks to John for letting me quote him, and full credit to him and Takeshi for the production of these beauties :-)

Choose from a selection of these unique, collectible customised yoyos by John Higby

Comes with a counterweight.

About the Duncan Freehand Zero

Wide adjustable string gap. Durable polycarbonate body. Ball-bearing axle. Take-apart design. Friction sticker return system. Ideal for all levels of string tricks. Great for freehand play. Includes mutiple counterweights.

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