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Element-X Remix

Element-X Remix

The Element X "Remix" is the same as the standard Element-X but has the new Medium Spacer Pad Response SPR ( Duncan sized bearing) along with a recessed body. This is a very smooth player all set for advanced level play.

Profile: Largeflared gap profile

Material: alumninum energy rings have been bonded to the ABS plastic body.

Weight: about 74g

Axle: high performance ball-bearing is located between two precision machined brass spacers. Comes with a medium SPR.

Response system: This yo-yo comes with one response sticker installed and inlcudes one extra sticker.

Performance: designed for skilled players that require long sleep times to complete complicated string tricks.

Recommended player: Advanced

Other: Body can be dismantled. No fancy packaging, just pure yoyo.

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

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