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Hamstring Kevlar 'Hogwhips' Yo-Yo Strings

Hamstring Kevlar 'Hogwhips' Yo-Yo Strings

Hamstring Kevlar 'Hogwhips'. These speciality yo-yo strings are made from Kevlar and Polyester. Hogwhips use filament/100% Kevlar for added strength and flexibility. Each string features a Kevlar strip. This eradicates 'string-stretch' and gives a more solid feel when landing your yoyo. Kevlar is super strong! They are approximately 130 cm in length. Sold in packs of 10. Get some Grunt with Hamstring!

Includes an exclusive Hogwhip badge!

Kevlar is UV sensitive. Hogwhips are supplied packed in special UV protective bags to protect them from harmful UV rays. Please store your Hogwhips in the protective bag to maintain them in optimum condition.

Pack of 10 Hamstring Hogwhip Kelvar yo-yo strings.
Suitable for ages 8+ Years
Length: 130 cm (50 inches) approx
Kevlar/Polyester mix
Hand Made in England

Not suitable for children.

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