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YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo Limited Edition Black and Gold ARCHIVE

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This item is no longer in stock and is shown for reference purposes.

YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo Limited Edition Black and Gold ARCHIVE

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We are pleased to have some Special Edition Black and Gold Dark Magic 2 yo-yos. A traditional black body is highlighted with gold anodized rings and a matching gold foil stamped cap -- very classy!

The cost to produce these was more than the standard Dark Magic II hence the slightly higher price.

The all new Dark Magic II has arrived bringing with it an even better learning experience!

Originally released in 2004, The Dark Magic quickly became the standard for people learning to play everywhere. When National Yo-Yo Master Andre Boulay originally designed the Dark Magic he knew it was important to build a yo-yo that was easy to land on the string, smooth, but stable spinning and easy to control. With the Dark Magic II YoYoJam made sure to keep these important aspects intact while improving the quality and construction for today's new standards.

This new version of the Dark Magic features the new patent pending Solid Spin Axle System allowing for beginners to use a thin bearing while learning and then transition to unresponsive play by simply changing to the included YoYoJam SPEED bearing. This new construction is stronger, more durable, and more stable spinning making the Dark Magic ultimately the best choice to go from beginner to expert. It also comes installed with silicone response for excellent unresponsive play with the SPEED bearing.

The Dark Magic is the perfect yo-yo to help you learn fast and pull off tricks with ease. Challenge yourself to learn something new and pick up the Dark Magic today!
Width: 43.75 mm / 1.72 inches
Diameter: 55.90 mm / 2.20 inches
Gap width:
-W/ Slim Bearing: 3.20 mm / .13 inches
-W/ SPEED Bearing: 4.70 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 68.0 grams
Response: YoYoJam Flat Silicone O-Ring
-Responsive Slim Bearing (.125 x .500 x .187 in)
-Unresponsive SPEED Bearing(.250 x .500 x .187 in)

This is an ADVANCED yoyo for skilled yoyo players. But by switching the supplied bearings, you can move from a responsive to unresponsive yo-yo, allowing you to progress as your skills develop.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer YoyoJam
Yo-Yo Skill Level Intermediate
Yo-Yo Shape Butterfly
Yo-Yo Play Style 1A/3A/5A String Tricks
Yo-Yo Colour Black
Features 2 Bearings Supplied, Archived Product, Limited Edition
Material Plastic/Metal Hybrid
Origin USA
Made in USA
Minimum age 12+ years
notes This item is no longer in stock and is shown for reference purposes.