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Euro-Yo Yo-Yo Glove Black Medium

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Top quality Euro-Yo Yo-Yo Gloves. Usually worn on the catching hand.

Euro-Yo Yo-Yo Glove Black Medium

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Top quality yo-yo gloves made exclusively for Euro-Yo.

How to choose the right Euro-Yo Yo-Yo glove size:
Measure the length of your hand from the base of your palm (where the wrinkles or lines are on your wrist) to the tip of your middle finger. As a guide, you need to buy the smallest glove which is at least as long as this measurement. These gloves are made from a very stretchy nylon material. The measurements below are approximate.

Euro-Yo Yo-yo Glove size: small
Length of glove: approx 19cm
To fit hand measuring up to approx 19cm*

Euro-Yo Yo-yo Glove size: Medium
Length of glove: approx 20cm
To fit hand measuring from 19cm to approx 20cm*

Euro-Yo Yo-yo Glove size: Large
Length of glove: approx 20.5cm
To fit hand measuring from 20cm to approx 20.5cm*

Euro-Yo Yo-yo Glove size: XL
Length of glove: approx 21cm
To fit hand measuring from 20.5cm to approx 21cm*

Euro-Yo Yo-yo Glove size: XXL
Length of glove: approx 21.5cm
To fit hand measuring 21cm or bigger*

*Length from base of palm to end of middle finger.

Note from Euro-Yo: Gloves are sold singly, not as pairs. These gloves can be worn on either hand. You normally wear just one yo-yo glove, and it is generally worn on the catching hand to reduce string burn when performing string tricks. However, some players also like to wear a yoyo glove on the throwing hand.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Euro-Yo
Made in Pakistan
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